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About XML Sitemap Generator

Having an XML Sitemap for your website is important to ensure proper indexing by the search engines. But trying to create one manually is a real pain. This tool makes that process quick and painless, automating everything based on your existing site content.

What's an XML Sitemap?

Basically it's a list of pages that make up your website, recorded as XML code for parsing by the search engines. This file will ensure the crawlers find every page on your website, without having to make sure there is a visible link to each page from somewhere else on the site. XML Sitemaps are also sometimes referred to as Google Sitemaps since it was the almighty Google that first introduced the concept (hint - when the #1 search engine tell you that having one is a good idea, it's probably worth listening!)

XML Sitemaps serve several purposes though. Beyond simply providing the list of pages to crawl, it also lets you define various SEO-related information about each page... stuff like the owner of the page, date it was last updated, its relative importance on the website, etc. It's basically the opposite of what a robot.txt file is used for, excluding certain files and folders (see the Robot.txt Generator for more information).

Using the XML Sitemap Generator

While by definition, an XML Sitemap is created with XML coding... you don't need to know how to do that to use this tool! And for those who do know how to code in XML, this tool will save you tons of time, while automated the entire process, and eliminating the possibility of typos or other coding errors. To start just enter the URL of your website and parameters you want to have applied. This tool will support virtually any type of site out there, whether custom coded, built from some type of website generator, or even WordPress blog.

The tool will go to work, dynamically crawling your existing site and creating the needed XML code for you. The larger your site, the longer this will take. But once it's finished, simply click the button to download the finished XML file (or if you prefer, copy and paste the code into your own sitemap.xml file). When your site has a proper XML Sitemap in place it will allow the search engines to full index your pages, dramatically increasing your ability to score well for your choosen keyword terms.