About MySEOToolkit

About MySEOToolkit

For over 20 years I've developed systems for automated online marketing, lead generation, and search engine optimization (SEO). Since 1996 over 20 million people from 163 countries worldwide that have used the custom systems I've developed. My company was one of the earliest pioneers in cultivating Internet technology for use in the direct sales industry and since 1996 it's been my privildege to work with over 70 companies in the market space... where I've developed everything from private labeled marketing systems, geneology software, compensation plans, and pretty much anything the industry now considers "standard" online marketing tools.

In recent years I made the decision to move on from running companies and stepped out to become an actual distributor myself in certain direct sales companies. While I've always taken great pleasure in developing systems and tools that level the playing field and "help the little guy", I was also eager to get out there and really show people what's possible when the power of this technology is focused for specific marketing goals in a business opportunity.

Best decision of my professional life.

Not only have I enjoyed explosive results and success, it's been a huge validation of the technology itself. I've cracked the code with SEO to deliver consistent results in each of the businesses I've launched... literally producing in excess of 1,000 new customers each day requesting samples of the products I sell. Search engine optimization campaigns are a critical element to any online marketing strategy but the challenge for many people is that there are so many factors to consider.

So I made the decision to give back!

I've put together this website as a collection of the SEO tools that I use to run my own SEO campaigns and get solid results. Some of these tools are unique, others you can find in a ton of other places online. The real value is just having them all at your fingertips in one place. Time is money after all, and I've found that just having everything all together can save countless hours of searching across the Internet for various things. But most important...

I'm making all of these resources 100% free... for anyone... forever!

There is no catch. No hidden agenda. There's nothing I'm trying to sell or convince anyone of. It's just one of the ways I've choosen to continue to help others out there looking to develop and promote their own businesses. Whatever your business is, you'll need these kinds of tools if you want to optimize your website and start chasing your preferred keyword terms in the search engines. So from me to you... enjoy them freely!

Mike Darling
Mike Darling

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